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Join team Pay N Take every Saturday for our group ride!

Where: Late for the Train, 19 E Aspen

When: Every Saturday 8 am in summer, 9 am in fall and 10 am in winter

Distance: 63 miles

Meet at Late for the Train just before 8:00 am for pre-ride coffee and espresso.


Ride usually departs about 8:05 am  and rolls out slow for an 8 mile warm-up to Lake Mary Rd, where there will be a stop at "the mailboxes" (you can take a "nature break" there).

There, the ride gets started in earnest and heads out Lake Mary Rd about 15 miles.

After passing by Lake Mary, the road turns south and ascends the "Steps" - a series of three inclines with the last two being short and steep.  There will be attacks here, so look for things to splinter with the fast guys rolling ahead.   There is a sprint line at the top.


After the Steps, there's another re-group right away at the turn-off for Mormon Lake.  You can't miss the group all stopping here.


After the re-group, the ride goes around the backside of Mormon Lake and in to the Mormon Lake Lodge.  This is an 8 mile stretch that will start easy and finish fast with a sprint line about 1/4 mile from the lodge.   

Roll in to the lodge for restroom, general store snacks, and water bottle refills.  (Two bottles is sufficient for this ride as long as you refill one at the Lodge)

When you leave the lodge you will continue east about 3 miles back to Lake Mary Rd, turn left and head back toward Flagstaff.

Once back on Lake Mary Rd there will be a sharp downhill---everyone takes it easy here---which bottoms out...

....Then up Kinnikinick Hill (watch for increase in pace here), 


...Then up the Overlook (you can bet $ there will be accelerations here)

If you make it over the overlook with the lead group, the next test is going back up over the top of the Steps - it's short and sharp going the opposite direction, but there's a long downhill on the back side where you can catch back on.


The last big selection will happen at the "Big Feet" as the road bends west around the end of the Lake and back toward Flagstaff.

...Look for accelerations here to force a final split.


After this final selection, the group will settle and work together until it ramps up for the final sprint which is just before "the mailboxes" where we stopped at the beginning of the ride.


After the final sprint, everyone soft-pedals back in to town, telling lies about who did what on the group ride.   IT'S THE BEST DAY EVER!

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